Flutter SDK not available

While opening a flutter project sometimes you might get error like below.

” Resolving dependencies…

Because onboarding_concept depends on flutter_test any from sdk which doesn’t exist (the Flutter SDK is not available), version solving failed.

Flutter users should run `flutter pub get` instead of `pub get`.

Process finished with exit code 69

flutter sdk not found


In case your error is exactly the same as given above in the title.

Follow these steps:-

1.Press [ Ctrl + Alt + S ] to open settings.

2.Open Languages and Frameworks.

3. Select Flutter.

4. You will see a Flutter SDK path empty. Provide the location for your flutter SDK where you’ve downloaded your flutter sdk.

5. Then click apply and OK to save changes.

flutter sdk path

After that try again clicking get dependencies and your error must be solved.

Happy fluttering.

Conclusion: This article is published to help with solve flutter sdk not available issue.

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