Create new flutter project

Assuming you have already installed android studio. While opening android studio you will see this screen. Please follow below step to start new flutter project.

1. Select “Create New Flutter Project”

2. Now, in upcoming window you will find few options for different flutter project type. as we are creating Flutter app now so select “Flutter App” from left-top corner and press next.

3. Enter your preferred project name. Name must be in lowercase other wise you won’t be able to create project for uppercase character in project name.
Select Project location of your project where you want to save it and use.
Here, you can select appropriate options like android language, iOS language, for which platform you are going to create this project. after this. press Finish button.

4. Your new flutter project is ready. Run your project and your app will look like this.

This article is published to help with create new flutter project.

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